An overview of our project

IMPLS is a yield optimization protocol with additional yield farming opportunities. We've built our application to be as functional as possible, let's go over a brief overview of what's available on IMPLS.finance:


Users can deposit into our vaults and their farming rewards will be auto-compounded. This is beneficial because each time your farming rewards are compounded into more LP you're improving your reward rate. In addition to auto-compounding our vaults also offer a bonus reward in IMPLS.

Yield Farming

Our protocols yield farm offers IMPLS to users who stake their IMPLS/WPLS LP. The yield farm receives 60% of the daily IMPLS emissions while the other 40% is sent and spread among the Vaults. The yield farm offers a great opportunity for our users to invest in the protocol and earn a share of the IMPLS emissions in addition to utilizing our vaults.

Single Sided Staking

Our users can single sided stake IMPLS and earn a share of the protocols daily revenue in WPLS. With these three aspects (Vaults, Farm, & Revenue Share) we've built a project that we feel brings value, longevity, and a profitability to our users and we look forward to building and growing our presence in the ecosystem.


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