Each vault is created to work with a particular farm. For our first vaults we're supporting PulseX.com farms but can expand to more protocols in the future as well. Vaults allow you to deposit your LP tokens into the vault instead of the farming contract. The vault automatically deposits the LP into the farming contract for you and issues you an amount of shares to the vault. Each time the reward tokens are harvested and compounded, the amount of LP you own grows! You can find the Vaults page here.


Each time the compound button is pressed the vault strategy automatically sells the accumulated rewards and reinvests them into the underlying tokens. For example with the DAI/PLS vault: The rewarded INC is sold and half is sold for DAI, the other half is sold for PLS, the vault then creates more LP token and these are deposited into the vault strategy, the amount of LP you have grows with each harvest.

Harvest Bribe

The harvest bribe claim is what helps motivate people to auto compound the rewards multiple times daily in a decentralized manner. A small portion of the harvest rewards are offered in PLS to anyone that runs the harvest function on the contract. This way once the PLS rewards add up to more than the gas fees, it is profitable for users to execute the harvest function.


You'll notice that each vault has the ability to let you deposit LP or PLS and withdraw as LP or PLS. These are called 'Zappers'. Under the hood these just utilize the PulseX contracts directly allowing you to 'zap' in and out Vaults. If you wanted to deposit PLS into a vault for example DAI/PLS, it would take your PLS and convert it into DAI/PLS and create the LP token for you. Withdrawing works the same, if you'd like to withdraw your LP as PLS it will automatically turn your liquidity tokens (LP) and convert them PLS for you.

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