There were 300,000 IMPLS tokens minted at launch, 270,000 IMPLS have been deposited into the IMPLS token contract to be distributed through the protocol farms and vaults. The emissions utilize a scaling factor which means that overtime the amount of tokens becomes lower and lower, much like the Bitcoin halving for example. The IMPLS system operates in 1 day increments, each day the amount of emissions becomes gradually less.

30,000 IMPLS were sent to the team address. 3,000 IMPLS (1%) will be used for initial liquidity, 7,000 (2.3%) for raising initial operating funds from ecosystem investors, 10,000 (3.3%) tokens have been set aside for future marketing event, and the last 10,000 (3.3%) set aside for existing and future team members.


To improve peace of mind for our users we have moved 20,000 IMPLS into a vesting wallet to be distributed over the period of 1 year. You can find the vesting wallet and its contents here.


The majority of IMPLS tokens have been set aside for the emissions. The 270,000 IMPLS are used to fund the protocols primary yield farm (IMPLS/WPLS PLP) and the vaults IMPLS emissions. The amount of emissions daily slowly decreases over time and will last for ~4 years, we have the ability to extend emissions thereafter at a lower rate or conclude emissions which we'll make a vote for come time once a governance DAO is formed.

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